Gold Star Group – Preferred Membership


 Lifetime membership fee includes:

  • Access to video meetings with fellow teachers from around the country (twice per semester, four times per academic year)
  • Your choice of either…
    • The three-volume Principles & Choices Student Textbook Set including Book 1: Identity and Values, Book 2: Truth and Reason, and Book 3: Ethics and Justice; or
    • A two-volume “Father Spitzer Set” including Ten Universal Principles and Healing the Culture
  • One 30-minute personalized curriculum-planning session (with Healing the Culture staff)
  • Sample lesson plan (pdf)
  • 50% discount on your next purchase at the webstore
  • Annual “peer-learning initiative” certificate documenting clock-hours of participation for professional development (certificates issued each June for the previous academic year)

See below for details on eligibility.

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*Eligibility: "Preferred Membership" is limited to high school and middle school teachers who possess either:

  1. A certificate of completion from Life Principles Academy EXPRESS!, Life Principles Academy, or any other teacher training program offered by Healing the Culture since 2020; or
  2. Experience teaching the Principles & Choices curriculum in the classroom with books purchased since 2013.

Already have the books? Teachers who have purchased and taught one or more Principles & Choices books are eligible for a $10 Budget Membership, which features all the same benefits except the books.

Not eligible yet? Teachers who want to join but do not have either a certificate or experience with Principles & Choices can become eligible by presenting evidence of watching a training video. Learn more...

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