Media Kit

Philo and Sophie: Philosophy for Children is a dynamic new video series that gives parents and teachers a powerful tool to form young people in authentic love and respect for the preborn, elderly, disabled, and terminally ill. Produced by Fr. Robert Spitzer’s pro-life organization, Healing the Culture, Philo and Sophie incorporates key philosophical teachings on logic, happiness, virtue, and moral decision-making that are absent from most educational programs today.

About Camille Pauley

Camille Pauley is Co-Founder and President of Healing the Culture, a non-profit organization that evangelizes and converts people to be deeply, authentically, and permanently pro-life.  Founded in 2003 with Fr. Robert Spitzer, S.J., Ph.D., using his unique curriculum to change hearts and minds and build a culture of life, Healing the Culture has grown into an internationally recognized organization with tremendous influence in the cultural battle over abortion and euthanasia. Camille has over 25 years of experience as a professional pro-life advocate and has inspired, trained, and educated millions on effectively defending the sanctity of human life.    

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Suggested Interview Questions


  1. Can you describe your collaboration with Fr. Robert Spitzer and how that led to the founding of Healing the Culture in 2003? 
  2. Healing the Culture has a number of different curricula for youth and young adults, but you’ve just launched an exciting new program for little children called Philo and Sophie. Can you talk about what inspired this program?
  3. You’ve stated that Philo and Sophie is designed to teach young people what authentic love is and to teach respect for vulnerable people such as preborn children, the disabled, and others. Are there things being taught in schools today that actually undermine these objectives?
  4. Walk us through what viewers can expect to see in these videos.
  5. How can parents and teachers use the program, and where can they go to access it?
  6. What’s next for Healing the Culture?