Speaker FAQs

How do I book a speaker for my event?
  1. To request a Healing the Culture speaker, read this web page and fill out our Speaker Request Form below. Before we can consider an event, this form must be filled out completely. In order to minimize confusion, we require that there be ONLY ONE contact person assigned to assisting and communicating with us prior to the event.
  2. If your Speaker Request Form is accepted, we will send you a Contract that must be signed by someone in charge of your event and returned with a deposit of 10% of the agreed honorarium amount. We accept signed contracts by postal mail or email, and deposits by check or credit card, but remaining stipend amounts and expenses must be paid by check.
  3. Your date will not be guaranteed until we receive the signed Contract and deposit. Checks should be payable to “Healing the Culture” (not the individual speaker), so you will not need the Social Security Number of the speaker. If another organization seeks to book an event on your date before your Contract and deposit have been received, we will contact you before releasing your date.
  4. After receiving your signed Contract and deposit, our speaker may contact you to ask additional questions. The speaker will communicate with your assigned contact person, and may touch base the week before the event. You are welcome to contact us by telephone or email with questions and needs prior to your event.
What topics do you address?
We speak on pro-life issues. Our expertise is our own “Life Principles” educational curriculum, which we generally apply to the issues of abortion, physician-assisted suicide, and euthanasia.  Some speakers have an extended list of topics they can address. Feel free to inquire.
Do you speak on chastity or abstinence?
Because there are so many organizations that excel in this special field, we generally refer requests for sexuality talks to other organizations.
What is the cost?

Hosting organizations pay for airfare, essential local travel, meals, and an honorarium. Preference is given to organizations that can meet our requested honorarium of $5000, but do not hesitate to apply regardless of the amount you are able to pay. All of the costs can be combined into one check, and are due immediately upon the conclusion of your event. Unless you specify otherwise, speakers understand that they are responsible for the cost of incidentals incurred at hotels. A 10% deposit on the honorarium is due before the event at the time the Contract is signed. All amounts listed are in U.S. funds.

Online presentations: The requested honorarium is $1000, but we invite you to apply regardless of the amount offered.

Can we overnight a speaker in a home to save on costs?
For the privacy, safety, and comfort of our speakers, and to avoid unexpected surprises such as allergies to pets, we usually ask that you accommodate our speakers in a hotel (3 stars or higher).
Can we book a speaker for more than one event?
Yes. Additional days may require additional fees. Please inquire.
Will you help us with advertising?
We can provide resources such as speech titles, bios, introductions, photographs, and logos.
Am I responsible for making travel arrangements?
No, we do that for you. We always search for the most reasonable fare (coach only) and travel times, usually avoiding red eye flights and multiple layovers. We will contact you for fare approval before we book a flight. You will be asked to arrange for local transportation or to reimburse Healing the Culture for a rental car.
What if I need to cancel after signing the contract and paying my deposit?
If you notify us of a cancellation before 60 days of your event, we will refund your deposit, minus a $50 administrative fee. If your cancellation falls within 60 days of your event, your deposit cannot be refunded, but it may be possible to apply it to a future event, usually within one year of the original date.
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