Building a culture that values and protects human life in every form.

We value human life in all of its many forms – including the unborn, the elderly, the disabled, the terminally ill, and others who are weak, dependent, and vulnerable.

We also value quality of life. We value happiness, success, love, and freedom.

Unfortunately, advocates of abortion, assisted-suicide, and euthanasia have co-opted these terms and redefined them in self-centered and destructive ways. Their narrow vision has caused great damage to the way our culture approaches ethics and human rights.

Our priority at Healing the Culture is to educate adults and young people in the deeper, richer, and more fulfilling definitions of the terms we value above.

We build high quality educational resources and programs that move people to deeper meaning and purpose in life, and then help them to adopt higher ideals and principles which lead to pro-life convictions in the mind and heart.

Our vision is that our unique philosophical approach to pro-life education will form a people who value the good of others above the good of the self, and a culture that values and protects human life in every form.

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Healing the Culture

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Healing the Culture is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations and gifts are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.